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Who did Imaam Abu Hanifa [رحمه الله] follow?

 The question of whom Imaam Abu Hanifa [رحمه الله] followed is common, here Mawlana Ilyas Ghuman gives and adequate reply.

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيم


I had a talk at Pulminas, after the lecture a Ghair Muqalid came to me. Call him Ghair Muqalid, Ahle Hadith, Wahhabi, one with no madhab, call him whatever. He came to me and said:

Ghair Muqalid: Mawlana, tell me is taqleed of an Imaam wajib?

Mawlana Ghuman: Off course it is wajib.

Ghair Muqalid: Don’t do taqleed

Mawlana Ghuman: One is sinful if he does not.

Ghair Muqalid: Who did Imaam Abu Hanifa follow?

Mawlana Ghuman: He does not follow anyone.

Ghair Muqalid: Is he not sinful?

Mawlana Ghuman: He does not follow anyone nor is he sinful.

Ghair Muqalid: Why?

Mawlana Ghuman: Let me ask you one thing, you tell me; is it obligatory on every individual to recite the kalimah of the Prophet [صلى الله عليه وسلم]?

Ghair Muqalid: Yes.

Mawlana Ghuman: Tell me, the Prophet [صلى الله عليه وسلم] was a comprehensive personality; did he recite the kalima of any Prophet?

Ghair Muqalid: He is a Prophet himself, why would he read the kalmia of someone else?

Mawlana Ghuman: Tell me this, praying in congregation [Salaah in Jama’ah]?

Ghair Muqalid: Indeed it is necessary.

Mawlana Ghuman: What is the meaning of praying in congregation?

Ghair Muqalid: A few people standing behind the Imaam and performing Salaah.

Mawlana Ghuman: Then do you, Ahle Hadith recite in congregation, and your Shaykh without congregation? Because you are behind the Imaam, which Imaam is he behind?

Ghair Muqalid: He is an Imaam himself.

Mawlana Ghuman: Have you now understood.

On every individual reciting kalimah of the Prophet [صلى الله عليه وسلم] is an obligation, the Prophet [صلى الله عليه وسلم] does not recite the kalimah of anyone else because he is a Prophet himself. Praying in congregation is necessary but the Imaam does not stand behind anyone because he is an Imaam himself. So to do taqleed of a mujtahid (one who is capable of ijtihad) is wajib (necessary), Imaam Abu Hanifa [رحمه الله] does not do so because he is an Imaam himself, why would he do taqleed.

Ghair Muqalid: Imaam Shafi, Imaam Malik, and Imaam Ahmed [رحمه الله] are also Imaams, why don’t you do taqleed of them and do it of him (Imaam Abu Hanifa).

Mawlana Ghuman: In Pulminas there were other mosques as well, why did you leave them and come here for Jumuah.

Ghair Muqalid: Those mosques are small and this mosque is big.

Mawlana Ghuman: Imaam Shafi and Imaam Malik [and Imaam Ahmed] are small and Imaam Abu Hanifa is big.

Ghair Muqalid: You don’t give proof you give examples.

Mawlana Ghuman: When your Shaykh comes I will give proof, when an ignorant person like you comes I will give examples. Scholars are given proof I don’t tell it to you, scholars are given proof and non-scholars are given examples. To who? Non scholars. If I call you ignorant you will become upset isn’t it? We call them ignorant.

We give proof to scholars and examples to non-scholars.


Video and Translation: Hanafi Fiqh Channel

Transcription and Editing: Friends of Deoband


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